Sea Freight

At “SEATIME SHIPPING SERVICES” the full focus of our organization is on assisting our international trading clients through our worldwide capabilities a consistent and efficient program is designed to provide the most method of transportation available. With on going research and development activities, we work to secure measurable saving for our clients. To achieve these saving our dedicated stuff of transportation experts develop detailed freight quotation and logistics mapping worldwide. This integrated system of coordination and follow through results in expeditious and economical movement of our clients merchandise from point of origin to final destinations.Our responsibilities to your traffic department is to ensure that you receive profitability through efficiency whether our role is simply to provide local develop an entire transportation program designed specifically to meet your needs. For a small carton/box to a volume of merchandise we treat similar impotency. Thus our customer’s enjoyed dedicated service whether the goods carries in a FCL or LCL status.


Air Freight

AIR shipments are always needed urgently; our air program provides optimal transit time, while maintaining competitive rates through long standing relational ship with major carriers worldwide.We are able to provide our clients with solid transit, rate and schedules.

With “SEATIME SHIPPING SERVICES” you always know in advance when a shipment will arrive and exactly how much the transport will cost for transport a cargo to overseas.


Air / Sea – Sea / Air Freight

We also provide a special service, which become the most effective as well as cost severs for a particular shipment. Sometimes the vendor has got a tripical position to deliver the goods to their overseas customer timely where they can’t choose for sea freight for a long transit although air freight cause of huge cost.In this case we offer a service for sea/air or air/sea to meet the customer requirements as well as arrival of goods with in stipulated time. We routed the goods party by sea and thereafter by airfreight or first of all airfreight and thereafter by sea. We have an efficient agency network to doing these kinds of special job in the middle point of transportation hub.

We are doing this special service more successfully & our valued customers were enjoyed this service as this is more cost effective as well as meet the schedule of delivery of the merchandise.


Land Freight / Inland Transportation


To compliment our international services we offer a complete range of domestic intermeddle and multimode capabilities. As a licensed International Forwarder And Broker, we offer a choice of carriers for over the road movement as well as rail movement, providing the mode of transportation that fits your needs.With office in the major ports in Bangladesh, we also see the logistic needs of our customers. And beyond local know how, our transport specialists are well versed in the intricacies of handling worldwide.



De – Consolidation

To meet our import customers requirement as well as benefited them carrying small cargoes from overseas to our country we arrange import consolidation (group-age) service.In this service the importers can book us their small shipments & our overseas partners accordingly collect the shipments to loading into a box for transporting to us.It’s more cost effective for our small importers who don’t need a full box booking for their little shipments. Our operation dept de-stuff the containers into the warehouse ASAP after discharge the container from vessel.

We are then delivering the goods to respective importers / cnee upon collecting the de-stuffing charges as well as proper endorsement on the transport document.


Customs Brokering

To service your individual requirements, our experienced team of customs broker and international logistics specialists focus on providing personal service, powered by the latest technology. Preparing documents / manifest, submission of customs for export / import permit, negotiating duty, tax etc…till cargo loading & delivery our experts were determined.After completion of the work put it on the system where our overseas customer can easily know the updates of the cargo.



Special Equipment


Movement of heavy equipment & other over height / sizes goods which always need a special container like OPEN TOP, FLAT RACK, FLAT BED, TANK CONTAINER for transportation.We have such arrangements with concern carrier who has this type of equipment to provide our domestic & international customer.

Our special equipments dept are handling many projects & industrial materials to/fm Bangladesh by these special containers.